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Tiered Trays

Wooden Farmhouse Tiered Tray

Hand painted "Farm Sweet Farm" circles this upcycled wooden bowl tiered tray. This beautiful wooden tiered dish tray is a dark gray over black crackle finished with a wax coating. The repurposed wooden bowls and wooden dowels create a perfect farmhouse decor tray to hold unique items in your home. This listing is for the tiered tray only. All contents inside the bowl (decorations) are for display purpose only.

Approximate dimensions:

Total height: 10 inches

Total width: 10 1/4 inches

Top bowl: 6 inches wide, 1 1/2 inches deep

Bottom bowl: 10 1/4 inches wide, 4 inches deep

Total weight: 45.2 ounces

Farm Sweet Farm Tray